Our recommendation is that you invest in Punch Animation, Inc

We suggest that you purchase OTC:URBT

Punch TV Studios is constant expanding its media business through innovative growth and sometimes ideal efforts while using the introduction with the latest department: Punch tv studios Animation, Incorporated. Punch Animation, Inc. Punch TV Studios animation will concentrate on the creating of animated tv series and films used for syndication by Punch TV Media.

Punch TV Studios, Corporation. is investing $1 million dollars in Punch TV Animation OTC:URBT
. Mr. Collins took over as the CEO of Punch TV studios Animation OTC:URBT
shares symbol (OTC:URBT), recently Urban Tv Network Corp, and now have worked hard to change the organization just about. Joseph Collins wanted to find the appropriate business structure to progress the corporation. He believes that model is animation. We make an aggressive go on to hire Mr. Sullivan named companies Chief Operating Officer. To boost this company employed Mr. Norman since its POC Development. “We think both these include the one-two punch tv media the organization must also stop using the ground.” says Mr. collins.

Punch TV Animation, Inc. URBT
formerly were Black Television Network, that was the first African-American owned TV network in the US.

The Leader of Ingenious Expansion for the new Punch TV Media Animation, here Inc. is legendary producer Mr. Norman, a famous content creator, novelist, and comic book adaptation artiste. Floyd Norman was well known due to his movies Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, Toy Story, 101 Dalmatians and Monsters, Inc. Mr. Norman actually worked with the guy himself, Walt Disney and makes many years of expertise in animation plus production to Punch tv studios Animation, Inc.

Emmy Award winning Animator/Filmmaker, Leo Sullivan is taking to the position as Chief Operating Officer. Leo represents known for his featured films Flash Gordon, Pac-Man, Iron Man, Tiny Toons Adventures, Scooby-Doo and Flintstones. Leo Sullivan is proud of 50 years of know-how in the area of animation and is particularly a credentialed educator of the State of Ca in Career Education Instructing. He click here also trained for the Art Institute of Orange County, guest teacher at UCLA and Compton get more info School Animation Arts Dept, worked with many local community groups and also have trained as well as mentored teens that have moved to to work in major moving picture studios.

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